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Inaugural Award's Ceremony

Grant/Resource Applications 2019-2020

We just thought that you deserved to know....there is an abundant of resources and information out there for you. As Artists, majority of our time is spent in planning, incubation, creation and execution. So as you pour into your Masterpieces, we want to offer you information that will help you to then pour that into your Audiences.

MD/DC Artists & Prince George's County Residents in the Arts Read through the list of opportunities below and APPLY where your vision, creative voice and/or focus initiatives lay:
MSAC Independent Artist Award Deadline Reminder: November 15th 2019 APPLY NOW $1,000 - $2,000
Integrity Arts & Culture Association- December 14, 2019 APPLY NOW Mini Grant $250
Special Presentation Initiative- Deadline March 2020 $1,000 - $2,000
MD Humanities Grants- Major & Minor- Deadline March 1st, July 1st, No…
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Train Up a Child in the Way they Should Go....and when they are Old, it will not depart from them.

It's no secret that Prince George's County breeds some of the most brilliant, talented and exceptional people...we see them out in the World, on screen, in our communities, a part of our family and inner circle. It is a unique location, Prince George's...that rests just outside of the Washington DC city limits where opportunities to work in the U.S. government are provided to families of Color and diverse backgrounds--educated, qualified, hardworking, committed and connect.

Prince George's County is the most affluent Black county in the nation, on record. Even more than Dallas, TX or parts of California and New York. What we have here is special. It is something to be proud of, to aspire to and beyond and certain past on the legacy of Excellence that proceeds our community.

And have our ancestors, grandparents and parents to thank for making the decision, striving for a b…

Equity is the Word. Equity is for All.

I spent thrilling couple of days with Teaching Artists, Administrators, Advocates, Arts Leaders &Enthusiasts, Grantors and Facilitators during the Teaching Artist Institute Workshop at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.

I'd just returned home the day before from a week amongst Culturalists, Historians, Storytellers, Artists and Delegates of the Caribbean/African Diaspora for Carifesta XIV . I continue to lay the ground work for what a Dance Scholar at large looks like today, what she/he does and how can they contribute to the network and community of the Performing Arts. I think back on my previous years as a Professional Performer and how I was able to transfer this is into curriculum as a Teaching Artist for students that provide them with the basics tools, the technique as well as exposure to the artistry of dance.

So much has changed over the course of time yet a lot remains the same, the purpose of learning different art forms is to discover, explore and unco…

Teaching Artists that Change the Game

You can just turn on your television you'll see the effects that isolation, self-inflicted hatred and violence, poor mental health, bullying, suicide, lack of support and humanity has on a larger society. It is now, that we can expect an spontaneous mass shooting in public spaces as casual as the cocks crowing in the morning air, and in fact we've come to learn since the Washington DC sniper that this level of danger American citizens are exposed to have no boundaries.

Popular music and culture which dominates about 75% of our networks only scratch the surface of these topics through creative mediums that seem to amplify its existence more so than deter it.

However, Native Washingtonian and predecessor of spoken word and rap music culture, Gil Scott Heron said it best in the 1970's when stated that The Revolution will not be Televised.

Art has on record, transformed lives throughout generations: boldly, powerfully and with an influence on our nations ethical infrastructure…

Inaugural Dance Our Legacy Scholarship Award Ceremony

On Sunday June 9th, Prince George's County Dance Community Presented the Inaugural Dance Our Legacy Scholar

ship Award to Ms. Ambar Matos Ortiz.

Founder, Curator and Director of Scholarship Affairs: Kayla Harley teamed up with the county local museum in Brentwood, Maryland which honors Black Culture, Aesthetic, History and Heritage year round, the Prince George's African American Museum and Cultural Center. The scholarship recognizes exceptional merit and talent in the lives of young people who perform exceptionally well in the field of dance onstage, in-studio as well as in school academically. It's title, "Legacy" is in homage to the predecessors of Dance who set the standard for Excellence beyond passion and performance, in honor of all the supporters, contributors, advocates and educator throughout the Year in the charge and challenge that we give to our Young People to see it through and carry out.

Ms. Ortiz shared excerpts from her submission essay about he…

Spotlight WOE: Paige Fraser

ExcellentThis Young Lady is a STAR.

Although it is hard work, requires sacrifice, extreme compromise, flexibility, intelligence and creativity.....she makes life as an Award-Winning Dancer, Model, Performer and Face of an Arts Foundation look easy.

Ms. Paige Fraser is our recognized Woman of Excellence, in the March Month of Women's Empowerment.

This Bronx Native and Dance Scholar has worked work renown Dance Artists and Choreographers throughout the World. She's represented thee prestigious historically Modern Dance Company of our time, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Company II and can found on billboard and advertisement across lands.

Her sweet spirit transcends in any interview, conversation, talk or television premiere to endeavors and her ferocious dancing translates Power and Presence onstage. For the past five (5) Seasons Fraser has been with Visceral Dance Chicago as a company member, but has epically made her mark throughout the Chicagoland region in more ways…

The Master behind the Mix

It is a privilege to be here with Musician + Producer Darryl Hoffman also known as "DJ" whose work just made its premiere at the International Association of Blacks in Dance Festival/Conference in February of 2019 with dance piece titled Endangered Species, created by Internationally-renowned Dancer, Choreographer Anthony Burrell set on the Philadelphia Dance Company, Philadanco! His work has been featured in and throughout the Chicago dance scene collaborating with such influential companies as Visceral Dance Chicago and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.

Audiences have become intrigued by the musical scores of this young talent and would like to learn more about the Master behind the Mix and the inspiration for the work he is doing. 
KH: Thank you for sharing with us Darryl! The Dance Our Legacy Scholarship is Community Outreach and an Excellence Initiative yes, but we also encouraged the emergence of full artistry in the lives of young dancers today who aspire to have a professi…