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Inaugural Award's Ceremony


Train Up a Child in the Way they Should Go....and when they are Old, it will not depart from them.

It's no secret that Prince George's County breeds some of the most brilliant, talented and exceptional people...we see them out in the World, on screen, in our communities, a part of our family and inner circle. It is a unique location, Prince George's...that rests just outside of the Washington DC city limits where opportunities to work in the U.S. government are provided to families of Color and diverse backgrounds--educated, qualified, hardworking, committed and connect.

Prince George's Community College, Center for Performing Arts NOW OPEN!
Dancer, Daniel Harder, AAADT
Suitland VPA Alumn

Prince George's County is the most affluent Black county in the nation, on record. Even more than Dallas, TX or parts of California and New York. What we have here is special. It is something to be proud of, to aspire to and beyond and certain past on the legacy of Excellence that proceeds our community.

And have our ancestors, grandparents and parents to thank for making the decision, striving for a better life during the Great Migration, to come from all parts of the South and Midwest to be here.
Yes, these are exceptional people. And we know them! That is why we are #PGCPROUD to put them in the spotlight of our performing arts community.

Learn about them, what they do and who they are.
We are all a Family....and we always will be. No matter where in the World we may ROAM.
There are many. But here are of few, that we are celebrating today!

Simone Posey
#pgcproud: Thomas Pullen, Suitland VPA
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Actress, Fitness Trainer

During an interview with VoyageLA Magazine, she tells them...

"Originally I am from Prince Georges County, Maryland. I grew up known as “the tap dancer”. I mean I literally tap danced down the hallways in school, at talent shows, and in every room in the house (including the bathroom). Dance was such a huge part of my life..."

Brett Lockley
#pgcproud: Thomas Pullen
Location: On-Broadway National Tour 
Occupation: International Professional Dancer, Singer, CATS

Kashayna Johnson

#pgcproud: Suitland VPA
Location: Washington, DC
Occupation: Stage Actress

Yanni Davis
#pgcproud: Suitland RAM Football Alumn, RIP Coach Lynch
Location: Dalian China
Occupation: English Language Teacher, Enturprenuer, SICEYourLife Brand Duo, World Traveler

Yan & Lee took the coined DMV phrase: "SICED" to a successful "SICE YOUR LIFE" Lifestyle Brand. They are Vegan, Black, Successful and Living in Asia. 
Subscribe to the YOUTBE Channel, Follow the IG page for delicious soul vegan recipes, Ask them how they became debt-FREE!

Claude Alexander

#pgcproud: Flowers High
Location: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Professional Dancer, Choreographer Dallas Black Dance Theatre

One of his favorite things to do when returning home to the DMV, is to get carry-out with our in-famous Mambo Sauce on Chicken and Fries!

Iantha Richardson

#pgcproud: Upper Marlboro, MD
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Actress, Activist, 
Soul Train Netflix Series

Davione Gordon

#pgcproud: Thomas Pullen, Suitland VPA
Location: Fort Washington, MD
Occupation: Professional Dancer, Gymnast, Washington Wizards NBA Dancer

Raven Goodwin
#pgcproud: Largo, MD
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Actress, Becoming MARYJane

Stefanee Martin
#pgcproud: Hyattsville, MD
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Actress, The Get Down Netflix Series


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