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We are committed to the support and care of the Arts Community at Large and Educators especially. 

Creative and Equal Opportunities Incorporated is a Public Arts Organization Production House and Information & Resource Site for Artists that provides: Consultancy: Business Management, Coaching and Counseling for Professional Development.

Professional Admin Services in the Arts at an affordable rate. Visit our Learning Center to discover more.



CEO Inc. is also committed to the support and advocacy of Visual, Digital, Experiential and Performing Artists. CEO Inc. provides the resources, tools and access needed for Sustainability and Longevity in the Arts .

Our focus is primarily to help Organizations, Businesses and the Individual to uphold integrity + the value systems within the work environment and creative spaces equity, access, fair treatment, transparency, wellness, substantial pay, employment benefits, protection and preservation of original works and repertoire. 

The organization is comprised of key contributors, community partners and volunteers and representatives in their own rite through various sectors of the Arts. 

As a public service organization we strive to best prepare the Next Generation by leading by example. 

Fairness and Excellence for All. ​

  • Grant Writing Counseling for Independent Artists, Projects, Companies and Businesses

  • Marketing and Brand Development to boost your a platform, increase visibility, following and audience outreach.

  • Monthly Bulletin Events, Performances and Advancement Opportunities

  • The Green Room: Professional Artist Booking,, Mentorship Program, Annual Dance Our Legacy Scholarship Program

  • GO LIVE!!! Instagram w/Ms. Kayla 


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