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CEO Inc. highlights Visual, Visceral, Performing, Digital, and Experiential Arts. It provides information, resources, and tools for a Sustainable Career in the Arts.

We focus on the implementation of Ethical practices within creative work environments, spaces, company infrastructure, and institutions at large. We help Independent Artists, Small Businesses, Companies, and Organizations alike to Strategize, Brand, Re-Brand, Shift, Pivot, and Refocus their efforts upon request. We offer Creative and Administrative Services leading by an example of the following principles of our Code of Ethics: 

C - Commitment

A- Accountability

R - Respect

I - Integrity

Its Programs and Activations are Community and Service-oriented with the exception of paid services.
CEO Inc. is supported by Key Contributors, Dedicated Community Partners and Volunteers representing Excellence and Fairness within their own rite through various sectors of the Arts. ​



From the Source

"I've never had a recommendation letter so powerfully written that includes both my character and company's background. This letter alone I believe will definitely increase my chances of being awarded the DCARTS Grant"

Bre Seals, Director of
Breathe Dance Project

"Thank You so much for doing this in the Community. How powerful. We are happy to share this on our platforms, at the Maryland State Department of Education."

Coordinator of Fine Arts, Alysia Lee

"This organization has made a tremendous impact on the growth and rebirth of our school for youth in the Arts."

Artistic Director, Charlita Schuster


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