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CEO Inc. is also committed to giving free advancement tools to Artists. We provid the necessary resources, tools and information to support their cause and  need for equity, access, assurance of fair treatment, substantial pay, employment benefits, and preservation of original works and repertoire. 

The organization is comprised of qualified members, contributors, community partners and volunteers who act as Liaisons and a Representatives of the various sectors of the Arts. Each within their respective areas of expertise in and throughout the local arts community.

As a public service organization we strive to best prepare the Next Generation of Artists for a promising & sustainable future.

Fairness and Excellence for All. ​

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The Census 2020 is for Everyone. It's important that when the time comes that we don't turn away. Instead, put our names down on the paper to be counted. It applies to us all. For more information visit:


This year, Performing Arts Community is taking a stand, leading by example and advocating for participation from fellow residents. Artists tend to close themselves off from what they feel are "politics" -- that don't apply to them.

While some may have the false notion that their voices do not invoke change, make a difference or are simply heard. In actuality it is when we open ourselves up to the local government that they can get an accurate count of who is residing in Prince George's County, tally the right information in making an assessment on the needs of individuals.

The count enables the county to make a judgement on placement and distribution of funding in our communities--it should help determine where the disparities in our neighborhoods are in order to have open dialogue about potential growth and expansion.

The Arts, among many sectors of the county rely on grant funding and budgets and stipends to cover the costs of major projects, programs and developments. As community members dedicated to the Arts--we have this responsibility to share with others the truth about taking part in the Census. And we ourselves, take it.

The results will help give decision-makers a true sense of the numbers in impact that as Creatives, Educators, Mentors, Parents and Community Leaders actually have in Prince George's County.