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Creative and Equal Opportunities Incorporated provides Information, Resources & Arts Consultancy for Organizations, Companies, Collectives, Programs, Schools and Individuals in the field in the surrounding DC Metropolitan area. 

CEO Inc. labors to offer these advancement tools to the public, in bold support of the face-value equity cause; advocating for fair treatment, substantial pay and Artist benefits, security and preservation of original works.

This organization is comprised of highly qualified standing and volunteer members who act as a Liaison and a Representative to the Arta

Each within their respective forms of expertise in and through the local arts community we celebrate Artistry.

As a public service organization we strive to best prepare the Next Generation for a future through foundation building in our programs, alongside facilitating & community partnerships and also with the generous help and support of our Sponsors.

We offer arts administrative tools, educational materials, information, resources and training workshops to ensure your success and sustainability in the arts. 

  • Grant Writing Counseling for Independent Artists, Projects, Companies and Businesses

  • Marketing and Brand Development to boost your a platform, increase visibility, following and audience outreach.

  • Monthly Bulletin for Events, Performances and Advancement Opportunities

  • The Green Room: Professional Artist Booking,, Mentorship Program, Annual Dance Our Legacy Scholarship Program

  • GO LIVE!!! Studio Show w/Ms. Kayla