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Inaugural Award's Ceremony

W.O.E. Feature: Ty Bello

Today Women of Excellence presents Song Artist, Photographer, Beautician and Role Model: Ty Bello

We discovered her in our search for music where the Holy Spirit dwells and came upon "Spontaneous Worship" between she and pianist, George.
The Holy Spirit truly does abide in the presence of her voice and her heart.

We continued to follow her music and landed upon an interview of this Spiritual Being and Woman of God.

She talks about her journey of becoming the woman she is today, growing into her confidence, and beauty, making connections and healing from past wounds.

Ty Bello exemplifies the abounding grace of God's Love for us. She is certainly a Woman of Excellence showing many instances of the Power of God made manifest. We hope that her gifting will inspire others going forward.

Psalms 98:1 "O sing unto the LORD a new song; for he hath done marvelous things..."

A Phenomenal Woman, Indeed.

I met a phenomenal woman today.
She just so happened to be my designated UBER driver on my way to work.
After the exchange of friendly good mornings, smiles and talk of walking in nature we began to delve into a deeply place.

Within mere minutes of leaving the neighborhood the topic of children came to the surface...
Her name is Tabitha, and she has three children of which she adopted from the foster care system.
She had been married twice, adopting two children from her most recent marriage while raising her eldest daughter and later conceiving a son. The young of her family is 4 years of age, trying to find his place amongst the siblings and growing into the person that he is.

Tabitha makes sure that each of her children have a fair chance in learning, growing and developing at the pace that best suits their needs. She encourages them to pursue their interests, try new things and get involved in their own lives at a tender age. What's unique about Tabitha is that although raised…

Meditation for Christians

The purpose of meditation is to achieve Peace, Harmony and Balance with one's present state of being. It is a practice of mindful-mindlessness (clearing of thoughts) that asks us to relieve ourselves of preconceptions, worries, doubts, fears and anxiety so as to usher in Clarity. This by nature makes room for new thoughts, ideas, epiphanies, and revelations to form.
The word meditate means to reflect; consider; ponder; or focus deeply. A mantra, is a declaration or a pledge that connects one’s inner-beliefs to a particular practice.
Mediation is commonly associated with religion including but not limited to Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. In fact, the value of mental and spiritual health appears to be emphasized more Eastern culture than that of Western. There aren't too many examples found in the Christian faith in regards to meditation and without those example by way of the church, Christian communities tend to shy away from the idea of meditation as for fear of dishonoring an…