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Meditation for Christians

The purpose of meditation is to achieve Peace, Harmony and Balance with one's present state of being. It is a practice of mindful-mindlessness (clearing of thoughts) that asks us to relieve ourselves of preconceptions, worries, doubts, fears and anxiety so as to usher in Clarity. This by nature makes room for new thoughts, ideas, epiphanies, and revelations to form.

The word meditate means to reflect; consider; ponder; or focus deeply. A mantra, is a declaration or a pledge that connects one’s inner-beliefs to a particular practice.

Mediation is commonly associated with religion including but not limited to Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. In fact, the value of mental and spiritual health appears to be emphasized more Eastern culture than that of Western. There aren't too many examples found in the Christian faith in regards to meditation and without those example by way of the church, Christian communities tend to shy away from the idea of meditation as for fear of dishonoring an unspoken religious allegiance. Likewise Catholics and several other denominations of this faith tend to be conservative and internal requiring validation only from trusted sources within the community in to pursue meditative practices such as stillness, mindful breathing, yoga and the like.

Those of us who live a life laden with responsibilities, relationships and commitments tend to compartmentalize in an effort to manage our affairs. However, when busying oneself with affairs to the point of exhaustion, there leaves no room for self: to check in, to gather, to reflect on our own state of wellness and being. Furthermore compartmentalizing includes how we relate to the self where in most cases the role of religion then come into play. According to the Christian-faith believers are to set aside pride and ego, relinquishing themselves fully and completely as servants unto the life of Christ.

Matthew 16:24 says: Then Jesus told his disciples, "If anyone who would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. "
In following Christ, one's commitment is also to that of the community, the people, or as is interpreted by scripture "The Body of Christ". This requires that one go beyond the relinquishing of self to the point of taking on the cares of others.
Galatians 6:2 "Bear ye one another's burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
And while admirable, it cannot be translated into literal sense thus leading to a life of excessive stress and suffering. Suffering is addressed also in the Buddhist faith as an unavoidable consequence of this attachment.

So the question is, how can we get the Christian community to see beyond the call of suffering for righteousness into a place of inclusiveness that involves mindfulness, healing and restoration?

An article found in the inspirational magazine, MINDFUL by former actress turned psychotherapist Giselle Jones shares a story of a woman's relationship to meditation as an integrative life practice. She works with both children and adults alike who are affected by trauma, pain, stress, and anxiety using meditation as a method to introduce mindfulness.
"The marketing imagery can make certain communities of people feel like mindfulness is a luxury only for rich white people, or that it's not applicable to their own lives. To say "just bring yourself into the moment and everything is going to be hunky-dory is not [helpful]. But when you do bring mindfulness interventions in, through I might not label them as "mindfulness"--some people are like, "This really helps."

~Giselle Jones.

Meditation is in fact, for everyone for the sole purpose of bringing awareness to the mind body and spirit to achieve a state of harmonious peace and balance. It is not subject to culture, race nor religion and does not seek to be a threat to the principles of any of particular belief system. Instead is there as a means of support a catalyst for change and enlightenment for the betterment of ones self as a whole.


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