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Inaugural Award's Ceremony

New Vlog Post!

We finish out the Summer in Celebration!
As Women of Excellence we are in Great Expectation to see the power of God made Manifest in the new season.

Tune into our Youtube Channel as we expound on the remedy for Encouragement in the Lord.

Vlog Post & Subscription

A Special Thanks to All my Subscribers!

Thank You for tuning into the Women of Excellence Blog.

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here is the latest in Vlog Post entitled "Humility & Repentance"

Women of Excellence: Elisa Batts

I had the honor and privilege of joining the matrimonial service and festivities of a women who truly resembles God's Glory, Grace, Beauty and Virtue.
Elisa Batts, Artistic Director of Eudora Ballet

It was a blessing to witness her become one with Mr. Alonn Creech.

She was the one who opened up her school to me the summer before high school, believed in my gifts and abilities as a dancer. She has shared her ministry with me allowing me to teaching, dance and evangelize through dance over the years. She has given me a platform during my tenure home and supported me during my endeavors away.

Thank you for all that you are Mrs. Elisa Creech!!!!

Visit her website today to enroll your son or daughter in her school of dance:

Queening Article for You

Great Article I came across this article while in the process of creating and cultivating my one-woman show.

Take a few moments to read more about this young woman's journey in Queendom.