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Inaugural Award's Ceremony

How Bitterness can Keep you from God's Love

Agapè (Godly) Love is: patient, kind, gentle, forgiving, merciful, generous, abounding in grace and everlasting.

A broken-heart is one of the most difficult things to face in the human experience.
It can cause one's heart to become harden, untrusting, unforgiving; forged into a place of isolation, regret and shame. 

"Woe to me for my hurt! My wound is severe But I say, "Truly this is an infirmity and I must bear it."
Jeremiah 10:19

In this instance the prophet receives an assignment from the Lord, however he is greatly discouraged and in distress. While in this place of pain he declares himself unworthy of Grace and clings to suffering. 

This is the mindset that many of us have in times of hardship. As it relates to broken-heartedness, we blame ourselves, chastise and rebuke ourselves for the decisions we've made. These negative thoughts then manifest into an emotional strong-holds pulling us further away from the Love that God has to Restore us. We reject our loved o…

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Prayer for Shame

Psalms 119:134

"Redeem [oh, Lord] from the oppression of man, That I may keep your precepts."

The last thing a Woman Excellence needs, in a time of shame is the reproach, the judgement and the oppression of others. Insecurity settles in and the voices of doubt and despair threaten our peace causing us to feel ashamed, and then shame of that shame.

Give your heart to the Lord and let the burden of oppression be lifted from your shoulders.

Stay focused and vigilant in your pursuits knowing that the Lord delights in your prosperity.

Art by Sam Adefè

Dealing with Shame.

When life brings the inevitable suffering and disappointment that it does, we can resolve in the Peace of God by taking consolation in the Holy Spirit and seeking guidance in the Bible.

John 14:16

"And I will pray to the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever-the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows him; but you know Him , for He dwells with you and I will be in you."

God gives us strength and power to accomplish innumerable feats in this life. However, those areas in which our human strength fails us, we have the Holy Spirit to confide in. The Holy Spirit is our guide, our shepherd, our intuition and our source of divine clarity. As God's chosen people, we must learn to trust in the guidance and the shepherding of the Holy Spirit so that in time of trial, struggle and heartache we have peace.

As Women of Excellence we understand the importance of reading and meditating on the Word of…

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The Word of God continues to prove it's relevancy and power in our lives when we apply it's principles. Stand firm, in the things that you believe in--Women of Excellence and know that all that you are is a necessary part of this journey through Life. So embrace it with fully confidence and know that your strength is being revived all the more as you journey on...

Tune into this post about influence and conformity.
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New Vlog Post!

How can we apply the parables, teachings and sayings of Jesus Christ to our lives?

There is talk that Jesus is not real going around the world today. As disheartening as this is, it is to be expected as part of the tellings of the last days. We as Women of Excellence have a call to duty that requires us to live in the truth of God's Manifesting Power daily. The truth is rooted in the power of the love, teachings and the shed blood of Jesus Christ. We are to shine our light, live by the fruit of the spirit and resist temptation. Jesus is alive and with us forever more, that's why the Holy Spirit was left here on Earth for us to engage with, carrying on the legacy of God's Love, Authority, Power and Eternal Grace.

Featured WOE: Chandini Darby

Introducing Woman of Excellence, Chandini Darby--Anointed Dancer, Choreographer, Scholar Director and Founder of The Beauty for Ashes Project.

Chandini is a phenomenal woman who excels in her pursuit of the Arts. She is a recipient The Kennedy Center's Local Dance Commissioning Project 2016; Work Entitled: The Stories That Bind Us.

This year, Chandini has launched a film series entitled, "Hair Like Fall" as under the The Beauty for Ashes Project. 

To support please visit the link below and donate and become a Sponsor for the ongoing work and success of this project.

Chandini is also a Wife and Mother of Two Precious Children.
While serving full-time on Staff as Associate Director of Student Development, CityDance DREAM, she remains in the performance arena--she is a company member of DC Contemporary Dance Theatre.

See her LIVE in performance: