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Inaugural Award's Ceremony

W.W. J. D.?

Do you find it difficult to find community even amongst other believers?
Do you struggle with the ability to truly connect and experience the love of in others?
Do you feel as sense of isolation and anonymity even in the most Holy and Sacred Places?

A woman by the name of Janie Tinklenberg was inspired after reading literature of the 1900's where the question: What Would Jesus Do? was proposed as an ethical reminder on bracelets of which she passed out to her colleagues and friends in a youth group.

It began as something small and light-hearted--but this simple and gentle catchphrase became a nudge that would be spread world-wide affecting the hearts and minds of many...even those who were not followers of Christ. 

What is so unique about Christ is the fact that although there are those do not consider themselves Christian-- some not even believers, recognize Jesus as a historic and prominent figure in the history of humanity. They know the character of Jesus to be of Love, Peace and the Humility and of Great Sacrafice. So to pose the question, What Would Jesus Do? is to question the integrity of one's character.

As believers, many of us struggle to connect with each other for fear of judgement, rejection or chastisement. In knowing that Jesus is an overwhelming example of perfection... 

2 Corinthians 5:21 For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

...we strive to be like him in all that we are. However when our imperfections prevail us, and we fall short of the God's Glory, we tend to hide our true nature in hopes not to reveal those frustrating and complex inner workings of ourselves, as believers. We lose our salt and our light become dim. The struggle to recognize ourselves in others and the tendency to play "church" or "fake it" amongst other believers leaves us feeling empty, lost and our faith obsolete. 

I encourage you Women of Excellence.

Embrace the power of transparency. Allow yourself to be seen in all that you are knowing that the body of Christ was meant to receive you and uplift you. Do not fret the judgement of others. 

John 8:7 "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone." 

Confess those areas of suffering and imperfection which are all a part of the journey as well. 
(Journaling, Blogging, Praying, Expression, Creation, Meditation)

Find a community where you feel most supported and can be candid in, so that your will to SHINE like the light you are are....never dims. 

(Join a discussion group, Start one of your own, Make new friends, Explore new places, Join a membership)

Jesus cared for the people, he came to serve and so he did. 
All Jesus to enter into your heart fully---that's what he would want....that's what he would do. 


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