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Inaugural Award's Ceremony

Equity is the Word. Equity is for All.

I spent thrilling couple of days with Teaching Artists, Administrators, Advocates, Arts Leaders &Enthusiasts, Grantors and Facilitators during the Teaching Artist Institute Workshop at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.

I'd just returned home the day before from a week amongst Culturalists, Historians, Storytellers, Artists and Delegates of the Caribbean/African Diaspora for Carifesta XIV . I continue to lay the ground work for what a Dance Scholar at large looks like today, what she/he does and how can they contribute to the network and community of the Performing Arts. I think back on my previous years as a Professional Performer and how I was able to transfer this is into curriculum as a Teaching Artist for students that provide them with the basics tools, the technique as well as exposure to the artistry of dance.

So much has changed over the course of time yet a lot remains the same, the purpose of learning different art forms is to discover, explore and unco…

Teaching Artists that Change the Game

You can just turn on your television you'll see the effects that isolation, self-inflicted hatred and violence, poor mental health, bullying, suicide, lack of support and humanity has on a larger society. It is now, that we can expect an spontaneous mass shooting in public spaces as casual as the cocks crowing in the morning air, and in fact we've come to learn since the Washington DC sniper that this level of danger American citizens are exposed to have no boundaries.

Popular music and culture which dominates about 75% of our networks only scratch the surface of these topics through creative mediums that seem to amplify its existence more so than deter it.

However, Native Washingtonian and predecessor of spoken word and rap music culture, Gil Scott Heron said it best in the 1970's when stated that The Revolution will not be Televised.

Art has on record, transformed lives throughout generations: boldly, powerfully and with an influence on our nations ethical infrastructure…