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Information & Resource Site for Artists

Creative and Equal Opportunities Incorporated is an Information & Resource Site that promotes the sustainability of the Arts in: Community, Career, Education and for Independent Artists. We are committed to the support and advocacy of the Arts at-Large including in Policy Making, for Teaching Artists, Raw Talent, and Multi-Media on Global Scale. 

As a Public Arts Organization + Production House we provide: Network Growth Opportunities, Business Consultancy, Management Tools, Coaching and Counseling for Professional Development.

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CEO Inc. features Visual, Digital, Experiential Art.

The resources, tools and access needed for Sustainability and Longevity in the Arts focuses on upholding the integrity + implementation ethics in within the work environment and creative spaces. 

::Equity, access, fair treatment, transparency, wellness, substantial pay, employment benefits, protection and preservation of original works and repertoire::

The organization is comprised of key contributors, community partners and volunteers and representatives in their own rite through various sectors of the Arts. As a public service organization we strive to best prepare the Next Generation by leading by example. 

Fairness and Excellence for All. ​

  • Grant Writing Counseling for Independent Artists, Projects, Companies and Businesses

  • Marketing and Brand Development to boost your a platform, increase visibility, following and audience outreach.

  • Monthly Bulletin Events, Performances and Advancement Opportunities

  • The Green Room: Professional Artist Booking,, Mentorship Program, Annual Dance Our Legacy Scholarship Program

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