Network of Professionals

Brand Management, Career Coaching, Event Hosting, Promotion, Engagement/Marketing, Creative Consulting

Dual Artists, Entrepreneurs, Activists, Professionals, Mentors, Educators,  Experts, Community Liaisons, Frats, Sorors

Savvy Business Chick: Branding coach

Laseandia Pounds

Ayesis, Sculpted Clay Productions

Director, Screenplay Writer, Actress, Educator

Carol Foster

Arts Business Consultant, Emergency Preparedness

Krystal Glass

Brand Communicator, Host, Moderator

Teaching Artists of the Mid-Atlantic

Advocacy for Arts Educators

Arts Administrators of Color

Annual Convening Nov. 7, 2020


Community of Lawyers for Artists

Substantial Arts & Music: ARTS + BUSINESS

Consulting Company for the Arts Industry


Chazon Music: EVENT HOSTING + DJ

DJ Craig Perry


Mentorship for Members

We offer a spectrum of Professionals & Experts in various genres of the Arts. Become a Member today to book your session with them to help prepare, groom and launch you into a success career or next steps. 

Sessions :: 1-1.5 hour


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