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Scholarship + Grants

This is an excellence initiative that highlights merit, skill building and academic achievement in the lives of Young Artists. The Dance Our Legacy Scholarship awards (1) student cost-free admittance and attendance to the Annual  International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference/Festival to represent Excellences in the Arts in Prince George's County, MD. 



Scholars demonstrate valor, strong character + involvement within the the community.


Dance Our Legacy Scholarship Awardee 2020

Ambar Matos Ortiz, 17

In January 2020 this young aspiring Dance Artist represented Prince George's County in Dance Excellence at the International Association for Blacks in Dance Conference/Festival in Philadelphia, PA hosted by the Philadanco! Dance Company.

Ms. Ortiz is a scholar and gifted performer who attended the reunion week of professional companies, schools, program and individual contributors who have made the African Diaspora/Black Arts Culture all that it is today. During her time spent, she attended classes, workshops and an audition for the Summer Intensives where she was Awarded a Full Scholarship to University of Las Vegas Dance Program. Each Day, she discovered something new and shared her experience, prospective and reflection as an Afro-Latina in the Black Dance Community.  

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