Day 4: Ambitious Ambar

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

IABD Day two was just as remarkable as yesterday.

10:00am Youth Summer Intensive Audition 2:45pm Intermediate Jazz (Baylor Arts) with Lamar Baylor 4:30pm Caribbean Folk with Kieron Sargeant 7:30pm Torchbearers Established Artist Performance at the Merriam Theater

The day itself was very fun filled and the classes were challenging and very energetic! I had a lot of fun in intermediate jazz where we did a theatrical piece to hairspray and Caribbean folk where we learned three Caribbean styled combinations.

As for the Torchbearers performance located at the Merriam Theater, I was in absolute astonishment to how beautifully executed each dance piece was. These professional companies were stunning! It really gave me a chance to see the companies I could one day be auditioning for. I was particularly touched by Deeply Rooted Dance Theater's performance, Until Lambs become Lions choreographed by Nicole Clarke-Springer.

The way their bodies moved and the expression gave me literal chills all over my body. I really felt their movement as they used every part of their body so precisely and delicately. The formations were also very intricate and the partner work was very intriguing. The moments where the women's bodies intertwined and made very different shapes made the piece even more enjoyable to watch. After seeing the piece, I now have a higher appreciation for Deeply Rooted Dance Theater's dancers and Nicole Clarke Springer's choreography.

Now moving on to my acronym for the day which was Ambitious. I was just that when taking my audition and dancing in class. I also feel that ambition goes forth in the way you present yourself and talk to others as well. Which is why I have been open and met many new dancers, directors, teachers, and mentors. Making connections and representing myself in the best way possible.

Keep up with me on my next blog post as I continue my journey here in IABD 2020!

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