Artists Protection from CO-VID19

These are uncertain times...within less than a month businesses, schools, major production companies and recreational activities have been shutdown due to a widespread virus known as Coronavirus CO-VID19.

The US Government is taken pre-cautionary measures such as advising the practice of "Social Distancing" in states with confirmed cases. While some people are seriously concerned about the effects of CO-VID19 particularly the elderly/senior citizens and recent international travelers--others are less effected by the media buzz are worried more so about what the coming weeks entail for them financially.

The Arts community has taken a huge hit as majority of the work of Independent Artists, Teachers, Performers, Scholars and the like relay on project based funding, ticket or class count sales and most certainly contact and engagement with audiences in order to thrive. For now, the shutdown is advisable....not mandatory thus there are places where some people are still gathering.

The dance community has pulled together tremendously, offering online classes for free and/or internet based course work to supplement their lost for being in-studio. The theatre, music and visual arts sector is doing all that they can to remain in close contact I not proximity to one another in hopes that major production shows, concerts and the like will resume within a reasonable time frame. The film industry is probably taking the hardest of hit, thousands if not millions of dollars are being lost due to the interference in the schedule for shooting. For now....the best that can be done is scenario is just so happens to be honoring the wait period, keeping a positive outlook and making the most of the Quarantine.

Here are a list of resources that are available to Artists in this time of need:

Thank You to Jennifer Ridgeway

Teaching Artist of the Mid-Atlantic Coordinator, for sending this out to us. Be on the lookout for updates throughout the month of March. A letter that the Teaching Artists Community is drafting will be out soon. In support of the effort to petition for Mandatory Funding for Arts, CEO Inc. will be asking the community to join in and sign - this one is a wealth of info for us right now. 

Article by Garnett Henderson, Dancer/Writer Dance Magazine:

Article by Lauren Warnecke:

RECAP of Friday, March 13, 2020, the NYC Arts in Education Roundtable, Association of Teaching Artists, Teaching Artists Guild, Creative Generation, National Guild for Community Arts Education, and Teaching Artists of the Mid-Atlantic hosted a free webinar to address how the COVID-19 health crisis is affecting teaching artists.

Maryland State Arts Council Listening Session: They are asking artists for input and recommendations for action by MSAC.

Creative Capital-

Prince George's Arts & Humanities Council has extended the application date for upcoming grants:

Arts Administrators of Color, Emergency Fund for CO-VID Artists of Color, Apply NOW!

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