Carol Foster | Legacy Leader for Dance in the DMV

Ms. Carol Foster is 60+

Her Dedication to the Performing Arts through the years in Advocacy, Education, Mentorship, Choreography, Creative Development and Community Outreach has more years on it that I can recall.

The first week of August 2022 - She brought together some of the best that the DMV (DC, MD & Virginia) at the The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has to offer.

The Arts have always been on the Frontlines of Change, Economic Growth & Development, Audience/User Experiences and Educational & Inter-Personal rearing. Dance, as an Artform is far more than Entertainment.

That's why after our first gathering before the Pandemic we discussed the future of Dance in our capital city Washington DC, that's primarily known for Politics, Sports & if at all the Arts Classical Music or Theatre.

This legacy will live on through those who are devoted to change & possibility so that Art can continue to edify, inspire and build upon LIVES right where they are.

As an Arts Administrator, I over-stand the need for:

Audience Engagement

Grant Writing

Financial Advising

Branding & Representation

That's why I will continue to do this work...

Some of our Top Executives, Producers, Hollywood Stars 🌟 and more have come up under tutelage as well as have been a part of the District of Columbia circuit before landing their dream jobs on stages and screens today.

Her call to Action for you, Today is to do more than "Put Butts in Seats" (sell Tickets) because it takes real commitment to helping keep the programs that we all love and need, not only Running - but Thriving. 👏🏾

This can only be done (as an Advocate, Sponsor, or Patron) by:

• building strong relationships

• creating sustainable infrastructure

• getting involved in initiatives that are meaningful and prevalent to your personal and career life

• supporting diverse voices and perspectives

• inviting discovery as part of your planning

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