Day 4: The Beauty of Black Dance

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Day four of IABD is complete and I had a blast! I can definitely say today was my favorite day of the week. Starting the early morning, I attended GYROKINESIS where I let my body flow and learned many new exercises I can use to warm up my body before class.

Afterwards, I attended the Thick Like Me lecture, led by Jazelynn S. Goudyin, in which we talked about the cultural and social norms of how many people view black fat dancing bodies, usually negatively. The lecture definitely got me to think how I view thicker dancing bodies and how others view my thick body in the dance realm. We touched on points on how many people affiliate the word fat with being unhealthy but it is just the opposite because black bodies tend to have more muscle mass and so can appear heavier but are in fact very healthy.

Many of the responses during the lecture was with regard to everyone's personal experiences with not having slim bodies and I really felt like I was not alone and surrounded by very strong minded thick women. Other topics included how there is not much inclusivity of black thick bodies and they are not praised as much. Even myself, having a thick body, I have experienced circumstances where my body was not accepted or I was told I was not graceful but instead very strong.

Overall this lecture was very informative and it really gave me a sense on the beauty of black dancing bodies and how we all have beauty within ourselves and through our dancing. It is not about how much I weigh but more about my expression and ability. This lecture ultimately tied directly to my acronym for IABD which was Beautiful for the day. Being beautiful and loving of your own body and not letting anyone define who you truly are.

Following the lecture, I took ballet, contemporary, and improvisation which were all very fun and great classes to end my IABD on the 1 : dance experience. I took a way something from each teacher and will definitely apply it further in my dancing.

Ambar & S. Ama Wray Improvisation

To end my day, I attended the Trailblazers performance at the Merriam Theater and let me tell you, I absolutely LOVED it. These profesional dancers killed it and left me wanting more. Especially Dallas Black Dance Theater, I still have their music, created by Ezio Bosso, and movement, choreographed by Darrell Grand Moultrie, stuck in my head.

Ambar & Christopher Huggins Christopher Huggins

I will forever cherish this wonderful experience to be surrounded by so much artistry and passion. IABD will always have a special place in my heart from now until forever! Thank you to Ms. Harley for the scholarship!

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