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Grants/Scholarships 2020

We just thought that you like to know....that there is an abundant amount of resources and information within your reach. As Artists, majority of our time is spent in planning, incubation, creation and execution. So as you pour into your Masterpieces, we want to offer you information that will help you to then pour that into your Audiences.

MD/DC Artists & Prince George's County Residents in the Arts

Read through the list of opportunities below and APPLY where your vision, creative voice and/or focus initiatives lay:

MSAC Independent Artist Award Deadline Reminder: November 15th 2019 APPLY NOW

$1,000 - $2,000


Integrity Arts & Culture Association- EVERY MONTH

Mini Grant $250


Special Presentation Initiative- Deadline March 2020

$1,000 - $2,00


MD Humanities Grants- Major & Minor- Deadline March 1st, July 1st, November 1st

$1,000 - $10,000


The Awesome Grant - EVERY MONTH 

$500- $1,000


CEO Inc. One (1) Free Grant Writing Service from Coalition of Black Excellence Consultant

Deadline May 1, 2020

ASK Ms. Kayla

CEO Inc. One (1) Free Professional Service

Deadline May 1, 2020

ASK Ms. Kayla

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CEO Inc., Facebook Community Page


for upcoming events, performances, workshops etc.

Prince George's Arts & Humanities Council


Teaching Artists

Mid-Atlantic Arts



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