Raising a Smart Dancer....Day 2: IABD

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Second day at IABD and I, your Dance Our Legacy Scholar, have started my full rotations of lectures and dance classes. My first lecture was on Historically Black: Dance and Academia led by Alexandra Clark and Wanda Ebright.

This was a very inclusive lecture where we talked about how HBCU dance programs aren't as predominantly talked about or shared for students to attend. As a Junior in High School with college applications slowly approaching I found this round table conversation to be very informative and helpful which I will definitely put into consideration when applying, visiting, and attending college.

Afterwards, I attended the Body Talk: Dying to Fit Into the Leotard lecture led by Kayla Harley and Zahra Carpenter. I learned so much about black history regarding food and many new issues with dancers and their eating habits. This was helpful to me as I aspire to become a professional dancer so knowing what foods are good for me and the overall history behind them are essential.

As for my dance day, I attended Advanced Contemporary led by Shay Bland which was a very fun yet challenging class. Afterwards, I went to Contemporary Ethiopian led by RAS Mikey Courtney, a very enjoyable and upbeat class. Finally to finish off the day, I attended Senegalese led by Assane Konte. Overall, the day was very hectic but filled with a lot of dancing and learning, two things I absolutely love!

Attending all of these lectures and classes touches directly with Intelligence for my acronym to I. A. B. D. (Intelligent, Ambitious, Beautiful, and Determined). Sitting and learning from educators, other dancers, as well actually dancing and going through combinations and various movements are all way I was intelligent throughout the day. Executing intelligence in every aspect of your life is necessary in order to gain success and just get the best out of any experience!

Now, black dance to me gives the world culture, rhythm, art, love, and passion! Seeing, being, and creating black dance is the most beautiful thing, Watching so many talented black dancers brings joy to my mind, heart, and body. There is just something undeniable about Black dance and how it resonates culture, community, love, and passion.

I noticed all of this while being surrounded by all black artists at this amazing conference.

Photography by Robert F. Shanklin

The hard work everyone put in pilates, the passion everyone expressed in contemporary, and the joy I felt while in Senegalese while dancing with live drummers! I am absolutely enjoying my time here. Cannot wait for what is to come!

Pilates for Dancers w/Mora Amina Parker

"Get on up my Dear!!!" Strength Techniques for Dancerss

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