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"The TRANSITION" Interview Tap Extraordinaire/Performer & SOLE Defined Director, Ryan Johnson

*NOTE* the audio on Ms. Kayla's side wasn't the BEST SORRY! but Ryan came in CLEAR. please lower the volume on your device and enjoy the insight being shared here. We will resume with PART II in the near Future, to discuss more of the topics below!

1. At what stage are you at in your career now? 2. At current, you are in school while doing all that you do-- what such things should be in the survival/tool kit for such a person as yourself?

3. When did you - what are the, moments of which you step back from the lime light? 4. How do you remain present in these roles? What are they?

5. Name 3 fundamental things have you've learned about the industry/business of the Arts along the way that you did not or would not have learned in a classroom setting? 6. You put school on pause, to go perform and tour with Step Afrika! These such sacrifices are expected as Artists, but at what point should an artist direct their passion towards purpose and start to ground and establish themselves in society?

6. How do you manage/balance your work as an independent artist with that of the ensemble work (SOLE Defined)?

Quote: "We need programing that assist Artist in transitioning back into the “normality” of life. My largest struggle is internally accepting that I’m no longer performing on some of the largest platforms in performing arts. I went from living in hotels, catching flights and traveling on tour busses to the grind of teaching at studios, running a company and working on my degree. 15+ years of my life was spent on stage, playing a character, and performing for tons of people at a time. Now, I’m struggling in this new space of life and questioning my path, while upholding this idea that I’m this “amazing artist”. Moment of transparency, I’m just me and I have no clue who that is right now."

7. What would an ideal program look like to you? What is needed most? 8. Based on your activity through social media, you are involved in humanitarian efforts. We know are to be at the center of social change and reform it always has been. What can we do outside of using our Artistic voice to make a difference? 9. Name a few instances where SOLE Defined has done this in the work? TAKE AWAYS:: Therapy, Counseling, Trading Counseling Gigging Experience vs. Real Life

Inner Processing Reset Learned Behavior, Adulting, Getting to know Self, Experience without Pre-judgement, Listening

There is no EXISTENCE without the Artists...equal pay with benefits, a need for REFORM in the industry of the Arts


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